20 months old

Union Jack for the Queen


Today was the 60th Anniversary of the Queen's Coronation, and as we were watching the celebrations on TV with all of the people lined up with their flags, I thought that we might make a flag for the Queen.  Even though we weren't there it is great to feel a part of something like that, community spirit and celebrations are all a part of Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

I used red, white and blue foam sheets and cut out the shapes of the Union Jack (seems a lot more difficult than it actually was).  Then I gave Ethan all of the pieces, some PVA glue and a glue spreader.  Ethan still hasn't quite got the hang of sticking activities, he doesn't seem to like touching the glue and doesn't seem to understand what I'm asking when I want him to spread it around with the glue spreader.  So today I ended up doing most of the gluing, then I helped him to put the cross in the middle and pointed to the spots where the other shapes go.  We ended up with quite a cute 'abstract' Union flag (hopefully the Queen won't mind ;) 

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