20 months old

Ice Cream Dough


Today we made Ice Cream Dough.  I had seen the idea around and it looked like such a fun and simple sensory material that we had to give it a try.  There are only 2 ingredients needed, hair conditioner and corn starch, and I just estimated the quantities a bit as I was using a travel size bottle of conditioner and only wanted to make a small quantity of dough. It is a really unique dough, a great sensory experience for exploring materials as a part of Knowledge and Understanding of the World.

We used a couple of ice cream scoops and a plastic cone (from a Moon Dough set - affiliate link) to play with the dough.  Ethan loved scooping and squishing the dough, he played with it happily for ages and to my delight he didn't even seem to mind the messiness!  It's such a fun and simple sensory activity for little ones to do in the summer, just keep an eye on them to make sure they don't try to give it a lick!

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