20 months old

Pinching Pom Poms


Today we tried using tweezers to pick up pom poms and sort them.  Ethan has tweezers / tongs that came with his Ikea kitchen set that he's never really used, so we gave them a try today.  Using tweezers / tongs to pick things up is great for fine motor control as part of Physical Development and is an activity often used in Montessori schools.

Ethan was very interested in the activity and happily joined in with playing as soon as I set it out.  I showed him how I was pinching the tweezers to pick things up and then opening them up to let go.  He was able to just slide the tweezers over a pom pom and pick it up, which made it nice for him as he had immediate success.  Then of course there was no releasing it, so he had used his fingers to take it out.  I tried helping him with the 'pinching' and 'opening' but it wasn't something that he got the hang of easily, and then became frustrated and knocked the whole tray over!  Definitely an activity to revisit on another day, maybe when he's a bit older.

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