20 months old

Can You See a Little Bear?


Today we went to the library to read some books, and came across a really cute one called Can You See a Little Bear?  by James Mayhew.  Each page tells a story of other animals (and has beautiful illustrations) and there is a little bear to find on each page doing or wearing something different.  Reading and looking at books is a part of Communication, Language and Literacy and is a fantastic thing to do from a young age to foster a love of books.

Ethan loves books, so the library is a very exciting place filled with so many different books that we don't have at home.  We don't borrow books any more (I'm terrible at remembering to return them, and they get mixed in with our books at home) but we have lovely afternoons reading the books in the library.  Ethan sat in my lap to read Can You See a Little Bear? and I was pleasantly surprised that without any prompting or explaining it to him when I read the lines asking 'can you see a little bear?' he immediately pointed at the bear.  Such a clever boy!  He does this with other books at home, but it is really interesting to see that he was able to do that with a new book as well.  It's nice to know that he's really listening.

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