20 months old

Kids Grow Wild


Today we finally got out to do some gardening as part of the Kids Grow Wild challenge for BritMums and Money Supermarket.  Gardening is a great activity for toddlers as they can get very messy, dig around and learn about growth as part of Knowledge and Understanding of the World.  It was also fantastic that we were provided with this great little kit with tools, gloves, seeds and a watering can.

Ethan loved gardening today, it was so interesting as he seemed to enjoy it even more than the window box gardening that we did inside a couple of weeks ago.  I suppose it was something to do with the freedom to dig where ever he wanted (and without Mommy cleaning up the dirt around him!).  He happily dug away in the dirt for ages, then I gave him the seeds to pour in the soil, which he then buried.  Finally we filled up the watering can, and Ethan watered the seeds.  This was definitely his favourite part!  I worry that we may have drowned the seeds as he just wanted to keep refilling the watering can over and over again to water them!  Lots of fun in the garden today :)

This post in an entry for BritMums' and Moneysupermarket.com's  #KidsGrowWild Challenge  

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  1. Love how you make it a learning experience. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part


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