20 months old



Today was a beautiful day, so we went to the park and the playground all afternoon.  Ethan was very adventurous, playing on all sorts of different equipment.  There is a course of balance beams, stepping stones and tight ropes for the older children to walk along.  Ethan was very keen to try these out today.  Balance is an important part of Physical Development as it can help with many other skills.  Of course Ethan needed help to do the course today, but he was still concentrating on balancing himself.

Unfortunately I have no photos of Ethan on the course as I had to hold both of his hands, but here's a photo of a bit of the course so that you can get an idea of it.

Ethan had so much fun!  And I have to say that the older children were really lovely as well, letting him go first and never pushing him out of the way.  He was really trying to stretch out his legs to reach the next step and concentrating on each step as he walked along the beam.  He was also fascinated with watching the older children as they walked along the tight ropes and swung from the ropes.  It's incredible to watch how much he is learning and developing everyday, I am so fortunate to be able to see it all happen.

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