20 months old

Summer Fair


Today we went to our first summer fair of the year!  I'm a big fan of all celebrations and fairs, so there will be a lot of these that we go to this summer.  It's been so much fun bringing Ethan to these since he was born, and especially today as he's getting older and more able to participate in the activities.  Being a part of these sort of occasions and learning how to do a variety of different things is all a part of his Knowledge and Understanding of the World.

There were farm animals to meet, rides to go on and games to play.  Ethan was big enough to go on his very first ride by himself and he even played 'hook a duck' (with a bit of help ;)  He was walking around the fair with wide eyes at all of the interesting things and the smile on his face as he sat on the little tractor on the merry go round was absolutely priceless.  After hooking his duck he got to choose his prize (a baseball bat and ball) which he them proudly dragged all the way home.  I definitely think that Ethan is going to enjoy these fairs as much as I do :)

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