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Parragon Little Learners Book Review: Peek a Boo Friends and Ring a-Ring O'Roses


Today we read some new books that we got to review from BritMums Live.  The books are from Parragon and they are from the Little Learners set, one is called Peek a Boo Friends and the other is Ring a-Ring O'Roses.  They are a lovely set of books with pale pastel colours and cute characters.  Peek a Boo Friends has a carry handle that Ethan can hold and carry the book around and little holes throughout to see the animal on the next page.  Ring a-Ring O'Roses has 4 buttons across the top that are easy to press and that light up and make sounds to go along with the story.  These books are great to read to Ethan, and for him to flip through and explore on his own as a part of developing his Communication, Language and Literacy skills.

Ethan really enjoys looking at both of the books.  Any book that has lights and sounds is bound to be a hit with him, it's fun to go through the pages of the book and sing the song, pointing to the button that Ethan should press next.  The Peek a Boo book is also great for him at this age as he can now name all of the animals and make their sounds.  It's a fantastic book for him to explore and 'read' on his own.

* This has been a review post, Parragon gave me these books so that we could read them and write a review for them. To see more about my review process please click here. *

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