20 months old

Pouring Water


Ethan has been loving playing with his cups in the bath lately, pouring water from one to the other.  So today I put the cups in the sink for him (another favourite place to play) and let him have fun pouring.  A great activity for Knowledge and Understanding of the World and a true example of play based learning as while Ethan is happily pouring water he is learning about size and volume and states of matter.  Pouring water (and other materials) is also a common activity in Montessori teaching.

Ethan loved playing with his cups in the sink, it truly did keep him busy for ages.  I had the tap running sometimes, and sometimes just filled the sink and let him scoop up the water.  He was fascinated, and surprisingly didn't make a mess at all!  He managed to keep all of the water in the sink.  And the bonus on a warm day was that playing in the cold water helped to cool him down.

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