BritMums Live


This weekend I had the pleasure of attending BritMums Live!  Ethan and his Daddy spent the weekend together and had loads of fun.  I didn't request photos of specific activities, so the two of them just had free time and fun together.  Even though we live in London and I came back in the evenings, I still hardly had a chance to see Ethan at all, which wasn't very easy for me!

BritMums Live was a fantastic experience, my first event of this kind.  I met lots of lovely other bloggers, connected with some brands that I may be able to review some products for and learned a lot from all of the different sessions.  I could probably write loads and loads about all of the different things that I learned, but it's all still sinking in (it was all a bit overwhelming!)  I'm hoping that you'll be able to see some positive changes in my blog in the near future and that is how you'll see the benefits of attending a conference like this.

I also brought home lots of fantastic things for Ethan (and me!) to play with.  We'll have a few reviews coming up of the fun toys and books that we received.  Oh I do love a goody bag!

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