20 months old

Bubble Maker


Today we played with Ethan's new bubble maker (another gift from Nana :)  It's the Summer Infant Bath Time Bubble Maker.  Nana bought it from a shop, but I've just realised now that it doesn't have fantastic reviews on Amazon, so do look around for other ones that may have better reviews.  For us it works just fine, it is quite noisy but it makes plenty of bubbles for Ethan to play with in the bath tub.  As he learns about bubbles floating and falling and tries to catch them and pop them he is also developing his Knowledge and Understanding of the World.

When the machine first started up Ethan was very intrigued, and then the first bubbles started to come out and he shouted 'bubbles!'  Which was fantastic, because we didn't even know that he could say bubbles!  It was really nice for him, because he is quite a shy boy, so at our classes and even in the park when there are bubbles he isn't one to push forward to get them.  So to have his very own bubbles in the tub all to himself is a treat.  And I quite like the machine making them, because it means that I don't end up with bubble solution all down my arms and Ethan trying to grab the bubble wand!  We sang songs about popping bubbles and count the bubbles as they come out, and then when the bubbles stop we get on with bath time.  Works great for us!

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