20 months old

Taste of London Festival


Today we went to the Taste of London Festival.  It's something that we've always wanted to go to, but never tried before.  I wasn't sure at first about bringing Ethan, but it turned out that there were lots of other children running around.  It was a great opportunity for him to try out different foods and to explore a different environment as a part of developing his Knowledge and Understanding of The World.  

Ethan happily walked around the festival and chose which direction to lead us.  Although there was a lot of gourmet food that was a bit sophisticated for his palette there was also a great deal of other food that he was happy to try.  Plenty of stalls were handing out samples of fruit, veg, bread and yoghurt  some of Ethan's favourite things!  We'll definitely be heading back next year as it was good fun and very family friendly.

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