19 months old

19 Months Old - Play Recap


Ethan is nearly 20 months old, so today we're looking back at all of the fun things that we've played and learned this month.

19 Months Old

Favourite Toy - It has to be a tie between 2 toys this month.  Ethan absolutely loves his WOW Fire Truck he hasn't put it down since Nana bought it for him!  Everyday it's the first thing he goes to in the morning and the last thing that he plays with at night.  The other toy that he adores is his Double Deckington bus, he loves to carry it around with him and he's always asking for his bus :)

Favourite Game / Activity - The day that we played Shopping was so much fun for both of us.  It was a multi step imaginative play activity that I had no idea if he would be capable of or not, but he surprised me in such a positive way.  We'll be able to be much more adventurous with our role play next month.

Favourite Craft - Such a simple thing, but Ethan absolutely loved Drawing with Markers, having large pieces of paper stuck to the table and just having the freedom to scribble around and the ease of using markers without having to press down.

Favourite Book - My discovery that I actually know a published children's author has been so exciting for me this month, so I'll have to say for that reason alone that OUR favourite book of the moment is London ABC by Ben Hawkes.

New skills - Talking, talking, talking up a storm!  Ethan has continued his word explosion this month, and I'm embarrassed to say that I've actually lost track of how many words he can say.  We're still having fun with the Toddler Talk cards but Ethan is picking up new words from anything and everything.  He's even starting to say his friend's names and ask for them when they're not around.  (He's also asking for specific foods...which is why he had cheese for breakfast this morning...strange child ;)

Things we need to keep working on - We definitely need to do more messy play.  I need to find ways to make the kitchen more mess proof (maybe invest in a big tray?) and encourage Ethan to get messy and stay messy.  He sometimes wants to have his hands washed in the middle of messy play or is reluctant to touch messy things.  More messy play at 20 months :)

Things we've celebrated - This month we had the arrival of Spring, May Day, Daddy's Birthday, and Nana came to visit from Canada!

Places we've been - The park (on the days it didn't rain!), Gymboree, Tempo Tots, Covent Garden (London), and the London Wetland Centre.

Biggest Disaster - Cornflour Goop was unfortunately a huge disaster!  In an attempt to make the goop with Ethan I got the ratio or cornflour to water wrong and added way too much water, which made the goop really runny and therefore much messier!  Ethan was splashing it around everywhere and the entire kitchen was speckled with goop (still is actually!)  Next time I'll definitely plan a bit better before attempting the goop!

Here's a look at all we've done this month on Pinterest

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