20 months old

Canada Day Wind Sock


Today we made a wind sock for Canada Day.  I was inspired by Pinterest (of course) but took our own spin on things to make it more fun and appropriate for Ethan.  Ethan got to use glue, stickers, tape and ribbon to make the wind sock and put them all together as part of his Creative Development.

I used a large Pringles type tube (ours was from mini bread sticks, but you get the idea) and I covered it with white paper and left the glue to dry (this would have been a tricky step for Ethan, but of course older children could do all of it themselves).  Then gave Ethan 2 strips of red paper and let him help put the glue on and stick in to the tube for the sides of the flag.  Then instead of drawing a maple leaf in the middle I let him decorate it with stickers.

Then I put double sided tape along the inside on one end and gave Ethan some red and white ribbons to stick on (one at a time) and we were done!  The wind sock was ready to hang outside in the breeze.

This was an activity that required a lot of help and instruction from me as Ethan is still quite young for multi step crafts.  He does really enjoy playing with glue, so that made him happy. (He actually had a bit of a tantrum when I took it away, but was distracted by the stickers!)  He loved putting the stickers on, and was able to follow instructions and just put them on the white paper, which was very good.  He struggled a bit with sticking the ribbons down as he seemed to want to keep moving them around and they were quite stuck to the double sided tape straight away.  He was really happy with the final product though and liked watching the ribbons wave around.

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