20 months old

Canada Day Discovery Box


Today I surprised Ethan with a Canada Day discovery box when he got home from football.  It was so cute, he noticed it straight away and starting rooting through to see what was inside.  I had gone around the house and collected all Canadian flags, teddies, books, maps, puzzles, toys, etc and put them all together.  It really is funny how a collection of things that are normally around can be used so differently when grouped together.  Discovery boxes are great for developing Knowledge and Understanding of the World, this one especially as Ethan is learning about Canada and part of his heritage.

Ethan was drawn to it right away, and funnily enough went straight for his rocking moose (which is always out, but in a different spot) took the other toys off it and started rocking.  Then he would get off, say goodbye to the moose and find something else in the box to play with.  He would often then take the item (a book or a flag) with him and ride on the moose again.  It was really sweet as he played with it all for ages and was making up his own little games, which is quite new for him.  He also took the toy beaver and had him rocking on the moose (although he did keep falling off).  It also gave me the opportunity to explain some of the different things, to point things out on the map puzzle and to teach Ethan some new words.  

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