20 months old

Gluing Pom Poms


Today Ethan worked on his gluing.  I've written in a few posts about he just doesn't seem to 'get' gluing, so we decided to work on it again today.  I was inspired today by Rachelle at Tinkerlab and her Glue Dots and Buttons.  She used buttons and I used pom poms, but the basic idea was the same.  I put dots of glue all around a piece of paper (a coloured piece works better, as Rachelle pointed out, so that he could see the glue) and then gave him some pom poms to stick on.  It's a great activity for fine motor control as a part of Physical Development and for just figuring out how glue works, as part of Knowledge and Understanding of the World.  

Ethan was very excited straight away, even if he doesn't get how it works, he does love glue for some reason!  The first few dots he smudged and rubbed around like he was finger painting and then I gave him the pot of pom poms and he just dumped the whole thing out onto the paper!  Not a great start!  Then when I handed him the pom poms one at a time and pointed to the dots he started to understand what I was asking him to do.  Then he loved it, he got upset when he ran out of dots!  I had to add more and let him move the pom poms around.  A great activity for him, and a reminder that art activities don't always have to produce something, it can be just about the experience.  Thanks for the idea Rachelle.

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