20 months old

Play Dough Hair Styling


Today Ethan played with a new play dough set that has a little person with holes on their head for the play dough hair to come through.  The set also came with scissors and a comb and a few other things.  It reminded me of the Play Doh - Mop Top Hair Shop that I had when I was little, so I just had to buy it for him!  Play dough is a great substance for learning all sorts of things, but as today we were focusing on using these new tools it was all about Physical Development; putting the play dough into the holder, pushing it though and using the scissors and comb to cut and style.

Ethan absolutely loved playing with the play dough.  This was actually the first time that he used store bought play dough at home, I think it is nice to do both as they have slightly different textures.  He was very intrigued by the hair 'growing' on the little person and wanted to use the different tools straight away.  It was actually a great way to teach him to use scissors, as he's too young to even use children's scissors yet, and they can be so tricky to learn to use.  He played with this set for ages today, I definitely recommend it for play on a rainy day (or a lazy day ;) 

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