20 months old

Art for Baby


Today Ethan's Auntie Nic came to visit, and she brought presents!  One of the lovely presents that she bought him was this Art for Baby book from the NSPCC (available in bookshops as well, but if you buy directly from the NSPCC more money goes to charity).  It's a lovely collection of artwork by famous artists aimed at babies (mostly black and white images).  A great introduction to fine art for small children as part of their Creative Development.

Ethan really enjoyed flipping through the book and looking at the pictures.  He was able to point out some images that he recognised ("duck!") and others he just looked at (or decided that they look like Mummy or Daddy...some really random ones, not so flattering, lol).  This book would be especially good for younger babies because of the contrasting black and white images, but Ethan really enjoyed it as well.  Highly recommended :)

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