20 months old

Cress Caterpillar


Today we went to a lovely play group and Ethan got to make a cress caterpillar at craft time.  It's a lovely little craft using an egg carton, some card and a pipe cleaner for a face, and then cotton balls, seeds and water to grow the cress.  It's a great little lesson about growth as part of Knowledge and Understanding of the World.

Ethan scribbled on the face (I held his hand to make a few dots and a squiggle to resemble a bit more of a face and helped with the pipe cleaner).  Then he put the cotton balls in each section and poured some seeds onto each cotton ball.  Then (with help) he added the water.  It was a really simple craft, but it will be another one that is fun to watch grow.  We spent the rest of the day playing in the park and having a picnic as it was another beautiful day!

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