20 months old

A Lovely Wedding


Today we went to a beautiful wedding in the countryside in Surrey.  Ethan has been to one wedding before, but he was only 6 months old then, so it was a very different experience!  I do think it is a really nice to bring children to special occasions like weddings whenever possible.  It is great for their Personal, Social and Emotional Development as they meet lots of new people and take part in special traditions.

I was a bit concerned before this wedding about him sitting quietly during the ceremony, so I brought plenty of toys and snacks to keep him busy. Then during the speeches we were very lucky because the lovely bride made little goody bags for all of the kids, so Ethan had new toys to keep him occupied!  It was fantastic, I think I will definitely make my own little goody bag for him for events like this in the future, it had blocks, stickers, a colouring book and crayons.  All brand new and exciting toys to keep him interested.  He was so good for the entire wedding, we were very proud of him :)

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