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It's November and that means it's time to start thinking about Christmas!  There's always so much going on in December that I find it really helpful to start thinking about gifts that we're making quite early, especially as we have family all around the world so we've got to post our gifts by the beginning of December.  It has become our tradition to make Christmas hand and foot print pictures to give to family.  We make it quite special by using a little canvas for our prints and adding little details to them to make them look Christmassy.

When Ethan was 1 we made foot print Christmas trees by painting his foot green and printing it onto the canvas.  When that had dried I painted a small brown rectangle at the base of the tree and helped Ethan to use a star shaped stamp for the top of the tree.  Then we put a bit of red paint on Ethan's finger and he made some fingerprint Christmas baubles for the tree.  I finish it off by writing his name and the year on the bottom and wrapping it up in brown paper to send off to family members around the world.

When Ethan was 2 we made hand print reindeer by painting his hand with brown paint and printing it onto the canvas.  Then we painted his finger red to do a finger print nose, and black for finger print eyes.

When Ethan was 3 and Ivy was just 10 months old we made footprint polar bears and penguins.  For Ethan's polar bears we painted his foot with light grey paint and printed it onto the canvas.  Then we used the same paint to make finger print ears and to paint on some arms and fingers.  We painted on a blue scarf together and drew on a little face with black paint.  For Ivy's penguin we painted her foot with black paint and printed it onto the canvas.  Then painted on flippers with black paint, painted the penguins middle with white, made a finger print beak with orange paint and black paint for its eyes.

This year Ethan is 4 and Ivy is 1 1/2 and I've yet to decide what we're going to do, but I may take inspiration from Meaningful Mama with her Santa hand print, Fun Hand Print Art Blog have this cute sleigh foot print picture, Crafty Morning has a very cute Jesus in a manger hand print craft, Simple Fun for Kids hand print snowmen are absolutely adorable and Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails have these sweet and simple hand print mittens.  That's definitely a good place to start, but we'll have to wait until after Christmas to tell you what we decided on!

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