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What a Performance!


If you're looking for a game that helps your children with their reading, counting, turn taking skills with a bit of performing thrown in, than What a Performance from Orchard Toys is a great choice.  It's aimed at children from 5 years old and up, but it was easy enough to adapt to suit my two younger children.

It is a board game that follows the basic board game rules, so it is easy for little ones to pick up quickly.  As it is recommended for older children we just played on two teams instead, each child with a grown up so that they had someone to read the cards for them.

They start by rolling the dice to see how many spaces to move along the board.  This is great for Ethan as he can count the dots on the dye and then count the spaces as well.  That movement of his piece coordinating with his saying of the numbers (one to one correspondence) is tricky to pick up, so it is great to to practise.

If he landed on a 'spin it' space then he had to spin and choose a card to find out what task he would have to do.  The options on the card are 'make a noise' where you are told a sound to make for the other players to guess, 'who am I?' where you have to act something out for the others to guess or 'action' when you have to do a task.

As part of the action tasks you sometimes have to use the sand timer to complete in a set amount of time.  Ethan loved playing with the sand timer and trying to beat it to complete his list or action.

The game is a lot of fun to play, it was hilarious watching Ethan and Ivy making all sorts of different animal and other sounds and acting out different characters.  I love how many different skills this game works on, while the kids are just having fun and not realising how much they are learning, just as it should be!

* This is a review post, we were sent What a Performance from Orchard Toys so that we could play with it and write an honest review.*

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