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Bath Time is Play Time


Sometimes bath time can seem like a bit of a chore, trying to get the kids to stay still to wash their hair and the dreaded rinsing of the hair never goes over well, but we find that it makes such a difference if we make time for fun at bath time as well.  So when Johnson's asked us to take part in their 'So Much More' campaign we happily agreed to share the reasons why bath time is so much more than just a bath.

We have got loads of bath toys, but this submarine from Johnson's was a welcome addition to our collection!  Bath toys can teach children a variety of different skills without them even realising it.  As they dunk their toys under the water and watch them pop back up they learn about object permanence, as they see toys floating and sinking they learn about buoyancy and as they fill and squirt their toys they learn about cause and effect.

We are also big fans of bath books, any extra opportunity to work on language skills is always appreciated.  Johnson's also sent us this fold out bath book that sticks to the side of the tub, Ivy loves pointing to all of the different things and identifying them.

We were also sent some Johnson's Baby Bedtime Bath that is gorgeously lavender scented and makes a bath full of fun bubbles.  Ivy loves collecting up as many bubbles as she can in her hands and popping them all, then trying to catch them as they float away, which is great for her hand eye coordination.  And that lovely lavender fragrance is incredible, there's nothing like it and it really does calm the children down and help them to sleep better at night.

Bath time really can be so much more than just getting the children cleaned up after a day of messy play, it's a great opportunity to play and learn to continue developing those vital skills.

* This post was written in conjunction with Johnson's, they sent us a gift pack including the submarine toy, fold out bath book, products and activity cards in order for us to write this post.  It also contains affiliate links.*

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