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Snowy Winter Wreath Craft


We are loving having our box of craft supplies come to our door every month from Bostik for us to freely create with.  Ivy has already made her snowman, and now it's Ethan's turn to create this snowy winter wreath craft!

Materials: (affiliate links)

Ethan went through the whole box of craft supplies and chose what he wanted to use.  He really liked this mobile ring and wanted to use it for sure.  I asked him what he could make with it and he said 'a crown!' so he made a wonderful wintery crown, which I then decided also made a fabulous wreath to hang up on our door.  He agreed that it could stay on the door, as long as he wasn't wearing it.

Ethan started out by sticking a few of the foam snowflake stickers on, then set to work pulling off little pieces of the blu tack and sticking them all around the ring.  We've never made crafts with blu tack before but it's such a great material for kids to work with as it's easy to use and things can be easily changed and moved around, I think that we'll be using it a lot more!

Next Ethan went around the ring sticking pom poms onto all of the little balls of blu tack around his wreath / crown.  He was very careful when he placed them on but made sure to push down so that they would stay stuck on.

Finally he finished his winter wreath / crown off with a lovely star (also kept on with blu tack) and that was it.

Ethan proudly placed his crown on his head, and I have to say that it does look fantastic.  Fingers crossed that he gets the part of snow king in his winter concert!  I've since hung this up as a very pretty wreath, and a week on the pom poms are all still in place, that blu tack really does keep things in place!

* This post is written in collaboration with Bostik and Tots100 as part of their Bostik Bloggers program, they sent us a box full of craft supplies for us to play and create with in order to write this post.*

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