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Imaginative Play in our Wooden Kitchen


I have always wanted to get the kids a kitchen set to play in, Ethan absolutely loves them and plays with them at all the play groups and shops that have them, we often have to tear him away from them to go home!  So when we were offered this George Home Deluxe Wooden Kitchen from ASDA's wooden toy range we jumped at the chance.

We love imaginative kitchen play and already had some play food and cooking sets that we used on their own, but it really took our play to the next level by having this wooden kitchen. There really is something about wooden toys as well, they're such good quality and feel more real than plastic toys.  I've decided now that we need to buy all of the wooden food and cooking equipment to go with it!  This set comes with the 4 serving utensils that you can see hanging up, but you will have to buy the pots and pans separately.

I love the little clock and think it's a great addition to the kitchen, we set it at different times for the different meals that we're pretending to cook, that way we're getting some number learning in along with our imaginative play.

I love the design of the kitchen with the little red curtains and the cherry print wallpaper, it's got absolutely everything you would need to play with including a microwave, stove top, sink, oven, drawer and cupboard (which we pretend is the fridge).  You can pretend to prepare, cook and even wash up your meal from start to finish in this kitchen.  It's also got a lot of storage inside to keep all of your play food and equipment.

Ivy loves pretending to cook in the microwave, opening and closing the door and pretending to press the buttons (she even makes a little beeping sound as she presses) then taking out her food and serving it to everyone in the family.

The oven knobs are also really fun for little hands to play with and are great for fine motor control turning them around, they make a very satisfying clicking sound as they turn which Ivy really likes as well.  She can put things into the oven underneath, pretend to set the temperature with the knobs, then take things out when they're finished.

I love imaginative kitchen play because it's a great opportunity to teach the children about cooking and everything that goes into preparing a meal, and to get them excited about different ingredients.  Our play food set has a great variety of vegetables, and after the kids have made a pretend vegetable stir fry in their wooden kitchen they're intrigued by all of these lovely things that they've been cooking with and keen to try them in real life.

It's also a great opportunity to teach about kitchen safety, we pretend that the food coming out of the oven is hot and that we have to be very careful around the hot stove, which will hopefully help Ivy to learn to be careful in the real kitchen as well.

Mainly the kids are just having so much fun preparing food in their wooden kitchen, they rush around putting things here and there in all the different areas of the kitchen and serving food to all the grown ups in the family.  They then quickly have to wash up and start making food for the next meal, it's great to watch them so involved in their play and it's incredible how having this wooden kitchen has really got them excited about food preparation and cooking.

* This is a review post, we were given the Deluxe Wooden Kitchen from ASDA to play with and write our honest opinions about.*

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