4 years old

Goopy Sensory Dough


Yesterday we played with some amazingly fun Halloween Slimy Goop that Ethan absolutely loved, and I just couldn't bear to throw it all away when we were done.  So I experimented with it to make it into a dough so that we could keep the fun going for a bit longer!

I added flour and salt to the slimy goop until it was more of a dough like consistency, but it remained slimy from the chia seeds and goopy from the corn flour (corn starch) so it was still an incredibly fun dough to play with.  It's nothing like play dough and it can't be moulded or shaped into anything, but it is sticky and stretchy and great to squish between your fingers to develop those hand muscles.

After being somewhat tentative with the original slimy goop, this time Ethan put in his hands straight in there and started squishing away.  Again I asked him lots of questions about what it felt like and he described that it was sticky and stretchy.  It's the stretchiness that was the most fascinating, because we could grab a hold of it and lift it up so high.  We would each pick up a side and see who could make theirs stretch more.

The dough was so strong that as we played with it and stretched it in every direction as much as we could.  Ethan could even stick his hands in it and it would lift up the whole box along with the dough.  He thought that was absolutely hilarious!

It was just so much fun to stretch the dough out in every which way, Ethan kept scooping it up into his hands and stretching it out as far as he could between his fingers.  We tried adding different little toys to it and scoops or spoons, but really it was the most fun to just play with it with our hands.

Even trying to clean ourselves up was fun, as we discovered that it made it look like we had webbed fingers!  So then we took it out from between our fingers and squished them together again to make them all webby again, and talked about different animals that might have hands for feet like that and why it would be useful.  Ethan wants webbed hands for swimming now too!

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