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Cushion Cover Christmas Gifts


We are starting to think about Christmas gifts early this year, especially because we have family overseas and we need to post their presents quite early.  So we've come up with something that is light and easy to post, that's completely made by the children and that we know their grandparents will love!  We decorated some cushion covers that are completely personalised by the kids and that can be proudly displayed by whoever is lucky enough to receive one!


I set up the materials on the table for Ethan and Ivy and put a chair for each of them at the table and just let them freely decorate the cushion cover with the fabric crayons.  I love fabric crayons because they're much easier for the kids to use than markers or squeezy paints.  

I asked Ethan if he wanted to trace around some of the shapes and he started straight away.  He traced the stocking and the snowman really nicely and was so proud of himself when he lifted up the shape to find his drawing underneath.  I held Ivy's hand to trace over her Christmas tree and snowflake shapes together.  I also helped the children to trace around their hands as well.

Then they started colouring all around the cushion cover in their own ways.  Ethan carefully coloured in the stocking whilst Ivy used large strokes to cover her side of the cushion cover in lots of different colours.

Ethan drew details on the snowman to give him a face, while Ivy decorated her Christmas tree with more scribbles and discovered the fun of drawing lots of dots all over the place with all of the crayons!  Once they had finished I ironed the cushion cover to imprint their drawings on, and their masterpiece was finished.  It certainly isn't a polished and professional looking gift, but it is 100% made by the children and I know that family member will absolutely love it!

This post is a part of the Kid Made Gift Series hosted by Teach Me Mommy.  Each day this week a few bloggers have been sharing some fun present ideas that kids can make themselves, take a look for some great inspiration!

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  1. I love how free they were do decorate to their hearts desire! Such a special gift indeed! Thanks for participating in the series!

  2. Super idea - Peakles would love to make one of these too!


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