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Christmas Play Dough


Christmas is such a fantastic time of year, there are so many possibilities of fun ways to play with a festive theme.  It can also be a really busy time of year, so I do love simple activities that I can set up for the children and get them started that they can play with for ages.  That is why we are turning to our favourite activity, play dough as it definitely suits our needs!

We started by making some Kool Aid play dough following our favourite recipe.  I made two batches, one that was red and one that was green (mixing blue and yellow Kool Aid) and added some glitter to each batch to make it extra festive.  

Then I set up a tray for each of the kids with red and green play dough as well as cookie cutters, rolling pins, cupcake cases, and little bits to stick into the dough as well. I just set each of their trays in front of them and let them explore as they wished to begin with.

After that I asked them to use the tools to make different Christmas related items and showed them some different techniques, starting with using a tool to cut out a large Christmas tree shape and decorating it.  Ethan rolled the red play dough into small balls to decorate the tree and Ivy used the side of her rolling pin to stamp circles into the tree.

We then rolled the play dough into long thin strands to weave into candy cane shapes and experimented with mixing the two colours of dough together for a swirly effect.  I also used some letter stampers to spell out Christmas and then Ethan matched up the stampers with the letters.  Ivy also made some lovely play dough cupcakes, that she enjoyed rolling into balls and taking in and out of the cupcake cases.

Then Ethan was just inspired from there and set off making all sorts of different Christmasy items, and Ivy happily squished her mixed play dough away.  The two of them were kept busy for a long time, and we've been able to save some red and green play dough to enjoy again another day.

This post is part of the 12 Days of Christmas series hosted by Emma Owl.  Take a look to see all of the fantastic festive ideas!

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