4 years old

Ethan's First Microscope


I have to face facts that Ethan is growing up and he is craving more grown up ways to play. He loves doing science experiments and he loves to observe and analyse things, so this My First Microscope from Learning Resources is absolutely perfect for him.

As soon as I handed him the box he was so excited to take it out and try it.  After putting in some batteries to make the light work, we were ready to start our close examinations of anything and everything that we could find!

The first thing that Ethan wanted to put under his microscope was a pine cone that he had found on the walk home earlier.  He put it on the base of the microscope, switched on the light and turned the dial to get his view into focus.  It's a very simple microscope to use and it didn't take him long to get the hang of it.

I love seeing how his curiosity and inquisitiveness works, and how interested he was in how the microscope worked and what it did.  He got down close to the base to watch it move up and down as he turned the dial.  He had so many questions about what was happening and how he was seeing the pine cone in a different way.  I also asked him lots of questions about what he was seeing and if there was anything different about looking at the pine cone this way.

We also played a game where I would put an object under the microscope whilst he had his eyes closed, and he would have to guess what it was that he saw.  He could move the lens up and down but couldn't peek underneath.  He would ask for clues and I would ask him more questions to lead him to guess the answer.

Then I let him choose some different things that we could look at under the microscope.  He chose a conker first, then went on to find some small toys and even decided to write on a piece of paper and then examine that under the microscope.  

We're definitely going to have a lot of fun learning and looking closely at things with Ethan's new microscope!

* This is a review post, we were sent the My First Microscope from Learning Resources so that we could play with it and write our honest opinions about it.*

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