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Toddler Snowman Craft


Now that Ivy isn't a baby anymore, I'm really trying to give her a chance to join in with the crafts, just a slightly different level than Ethan.  So when our fantastic box of craft supplies arrives from Bostik it's the perfect chance for each of the children to create whatever they would like.

Ivy had a quick rummage around the craft materials and was immediately draw to the snowman foam cutout, so that was our starting point!

  • snowman foam cutout
  • Bostik white glu
  • buttons
  • pom poms
  • ribbon

The first step was to glue like crazy!  I helped Ivy to begin with, showing her how to put dots of glue on her snowman, then she set off doing the rest on her own.

Next she chose which pom poms and buttons to stick on the different parts of her snowman, and I cut her a small piece of ribbon which she used as his mouth.  It was a quick and simple craft for Ivy in which she could express her creativity as well as working on fine motor skills and creating a cute little snowman that we can proudly display.

* This post was written in collaboration with Bostik and Tots100 as part of their Bostik Bloggers program, they sent us a box of craft supplies to create with as we wished.*

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