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Ice Grotto Advent-ture


We met Santa!!!  We've very lucky and got a sneak peak of Santa's Ice Grotto Advent-ture that begins at Squire's Garden Centre today.  

Image credit - Squires Garden Centres
The adventure started with one of Santa's elves speaking to Santa over a video call and finding out that Rudolph had lost his nose!  So it was our job to help find it in one of the 24 advent calendar style boxes in front of us.  The children had to use the clues to find out which box to look in next, including boxes that sprayed snow or bubbles all over them!

The children succeeded and found Rudolph's nose (I won't spoil the surprise by telling you which box it was in!) And then off we went to wait our turn to meet Father Christmas himself.  I loved the little touches in the corridor to keep the kids busy, there were things like funny mirrors to make the kids look like an elf or a candy cane, and mystery boxes to reach inside and guess what the Christmas item was.  It was really helpful as the kids were so excited to meet Santa that they needed something to distract them!

Then the moment arrived and they got to go into Santa's grotto to meet him, to see his lovely Christmas trees (which Ivy absolutely loved) to tell him what they would like for Christmas (Ethan wants Paw Patrol toys and Ivy wants a Frozen doll) and to get a little present to take home each.

They both loved the entire experience from start to finish.  Even though they were the youngest children there they were completely mesmorised through the whole adventure and so excited to meet Santa.  They loved their gifts (Ivy opened hers right there and then!) and now can't stop talking about the fun they had with Father Christmas and his elves!

* This is a review post, we were invited to the Ice Grotto Advent-ture in order to experience it and write our honest opinions.*

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