4 years old

Reindeer Handprint Crowns


The perfect craft for little ones who are excited about Christmas and love to dress up has to be these Reindeer Handprint Crowns from Baker Ross.  They come in fully packed kits with almost everything you need (just add scissors and glue) and look absolutely adorable when they're finished.

First we started by tracing around Ethan's hands on the piece of brown foam sheet, then cut out around them.  Then Ethan glued them onto the headband to keep them in place.

Next Ethan stuck on the stickers, there were brown ears, then pink parts to put in the ears.  There was a tuft of hair to stick on as well as some holly leaves and berries.  Ethan and his friend were both making these on a play date and really enjoyed trying to put the stickers in the exact spots that they were in the example photo.

Then when they were finished they were so excited to put them on their heads and run around the house pretending to be reindeer.  It was the perfect simple craft that easily lead itself to some fun imaginative play.

* This is a review post, we were sent the Reindeer Handprint Crown Kits from Baker Ross to make and write our honest opinions about.*

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