Writing Letters to Santa around the World


We write letters to Father Christmas every year here in the UK, and there are several different services that provide letters in return.  But the best one that we've discovered is from the Royal Mail and is absolutely free!  Which lead me to do a little research to see if this is offered in other countries, and the good news is that it is!

So if you're in the UK you can write to Father Christmas by December 6th and send a self addressed stamped envelope to get a reply back from Royal Mail.

In Canada you can write to Santa Claus by December 16th and Canada Post will send you a reply.

In the United States it seems a bit more complicated and I can only find last years details from USPS but it seems that you help Santa out a little bit by writing a reply for him, and then send it off and get an official North Pole postmark on the envelope that comes back.

In Australia you can send off your letters soon and there will be a reply written to you from Australia Post's own Santa Claus.

In France I believe that you write your letter to Pere Noel online on La Poste, and then get his response in the post.

Please let me know if there's other countries that I can add to the list!

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