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Christmas Pudding Counting Game


Here's a fun way to learn about numbers and numerals, to practise counting skills and all with a cute Christmas theme.  We created and played this Christmas pudding counting game and will be playing it a lot in the lead up to Christmas.

You will need:
  • shiny card (or brown card) cut into circles
  • white card cut into wavy half circles (for the icing)
  • black pom poms
  • red pom poms
  • double sided tape
  • pen

After cutting out the circles and icing half circles I wrote a numeral on each icing piece and put some circular double side tape dots on each pudding shape where I wanted Ethan to stick the raisin pom poms and the cherry pom pom on top.

Once the Christmas puddings were made I seperated them all out onto the table for Ethan to then match up the numerals on the icing with the number of raisins in the Christmas pudding.

Ethan was so quick to start that I could barely get photos of him!  He immediately recognised the smaller numbers and placed the icing tops on straight away without even having to count the raisins.  Then he slowed down and started counting the pom pom raisins before putting the icing on the top.  For 5 and 6 he got a bit mixed up as he was counting so quickly, so it was a good opportunity to slow down and point to each one and count together.

He really did enjoy this game and it showed me that it is something that we need to work on a little bit more, as he's often rushing through his counting and missing some items.  So I think I'm going to extend our set of Christmas puddings and make a few more tomorrow so we can really have a look at those bigger numbers.

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