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Mini Hornit Sounds and Lights


Ethan and the Mini Hornit were like love at first sound!  As soon as he found out that there was a way to have a siren on his bike or scooter he was very excited.  The Mini Hornit is much more than just a siren, but it certainly is a great place to start!

It attaches easily to a scooter handle or to the handlebars of a bike.  If you are securing to a bike it even comes with a little remote so that you don't have to reach over to the end of the handlebars whilst cycling and can just use the remote in middle.  We're more of a scooter family though, so Ethan and Ivy take turns attaching the Mini Hornit to their scooters.

It's really easy to use, even for Ivy at just 21 months old.  The buttons are large and easy to press, there's one to scroll through all of the 25 different sounds that the Mini Hornet makes, one big one to make the sounds and two smaller ones for the lights and to make a simple bell sound.

The light is good and bright, perfect for winter days when it's getting dark at 4pm on the walk home from school!  You can have a white light, green light or flashing lights.  I'm sure that you can guess which one Ethan and Ivy like the best!

We are loving the Mini Hornit on our scooters, it's so much fun making all of the different sounds (especially the siren, but we also love the train sound!) and the lights make it really useful.  I love how easy it is to take on and off, so I can put it in my bag for safekeeping while Ethan's at preschool.  We would highly recommend it, and get asked about it where ever we go, everyone wants one!

* This is a review post, we were sent a Mini Hornit to play with and to write our honest opinions about.*

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