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Our Favourite Advent Calendars


We love the countdown to Christmas, it's such an exciting time of year and the kids can hardly contain themselves.  We try to keep them occupied with these fabulous advent calendars so that they have something to look forward to each day and so that they can count down the days.

First thing in the morning the kids want to open something, so they get to have a toy from their WOW Toys Advent Calendar.  We absolutely love these advent calendars as it gives the kids something that they can play with throughout the day and collect a whole set during advent.  The calendar opens up to reveal a play area where you match up the toy from that day with the number shown, so it's great for number recognition.  Once Christmas arrives the kids will each have a full play set including animals, people, a vehicle and little buildings as well as a few Christmas themed pieces.  It's so much fun to open it up each day and see what they will get next!

Once the kids have had breakfast and are dressed (or after preschool, depending on the routine that day) we will go to our Eat Sleep Doodle Advent Calendar Bunting.  This has been our project over the past week and it's been so much fun to decorate it together.  These cute stockings are all numbered from 1 - 25 and come with a set of washable fabric pens, so we can decorate them each year and wash them and start all over again the next year.  We're having lots of fun colouring in the numbers, drawing Christmassy pictures and writing words on each of the stockings along the bunting.  In each of the stockings I will be putting a couple of healthy treats like raisins or Organix mini bars and a little note with a fun activity that we will be doing that day like baking cookies or putting up the Christmas tree.

Finally, after the kids have eaten all of their dinner they get to open up their chocolate advent calendars!  We've got these ones from Kinnerton with some of their favourite characters.  Ethan is going to love the Thomas one, Ivy is absolutely crazy for Peppa Pig and they are going to have to share the Frozen one because they're both going to love to watch it light up!  It is quite impressive for a simple chocolate advent calendar to have a button to press to them watch the snowflakes light up one at a time!

Then once the children are in bed, I get to sit down and open up my Cadbury's chocolate advent calendar, because all of this Christmas planning and organising deserves some sort of reward!

* This is a review post, we were sent the WOW Toys Advent Calendars and the Eat Sleep Doodle advent calendar bunting to use and write our honest opinions about.  We were also given the Kinnerton and Cadbury calendars at blogging events.*

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