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Rainy Day Umbrella Craft


On a rainy day when we're stuck inside and the kids have got cold and are feeling rubbish we search for fun and easy things to do to keep them busy, and what better than to go with the rainy day theme and make some umbrella crafts?


For Ethan I drew an umbrella shape on a piece of card for him to cut out himself with his scissors to work on his cutting skills.  As Ivy is a bit too young for scissors, I cut hers out for her.

Then I gave Ethan some watercolour paints to decorate his umbrella.  They don't come out very vibrant colours, but it's a fun experience for him to use them, and they do sort of go with a watery rainy theme.

Ivy coloured in her umbrella using crayons (not because she couldn't use watercolours, but it was just one of those days that she was throwing the paint brush around, so it seemed more sensible to just let her use crayons!)

Then it was time for the stickers!  I love these foam stickers as they really stand out on a craft project, and peeling the backings off the stickers is great for fine motor control.

To finish off we chose a couple of pipe cleaners to stick on the back, and bend at the bottoms to look like umbrella handles.  Ethan enjoyed helping with this step and then carrying him umbrella around the house pretending that it was raining inside!

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