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We were very happy that Ivy reached the end of her struggles with colic at about 3 months old, only to find teething start a few weeks later.  So now our poor little girl is suffering again, and her first tooth broke through a few days ago.  We have tried absolutely everything for teething (honestly, if there's anything that I've missed out on this list, please let me know and we will try it!)  I try mostly to distract her and play with her so that she's not thinking about the discomfort, but sometimes it must be so sore that even a game of peek-a-boo isn't enough to make her smile.  

We have Ivy's favourites teething toys; the classic Sophie The Giraffe, which both Ethan loved as well.  It's so easy to hold and to chew on, and I think there's something about the natural rubber that's meant to be quite soothing as well.  The Nuby Teething Blankie is another great one, there are teethers on each corner whilst the blankie itself is crinkly with a squeaky middle, great for distracting.  The Green Toys teething keys are great for chewing on as well, and Ivy just enjoys clanging them around and playing with them.  Her other favourite is the Nuby Bug Loop Teether which she easily loops around her arm and chews on easily whilst sitting up or laying down.

We have also tried a variety of cold teethers like the Nuby Teether Keys, teething stars, teddy bears, and teething rings.  I think that she must find these soothing, but no matter what shape they are she seems to struggle to hold on to them (maybe she just doesn't like the cold on her hand) so I have to hold onto them for her, while she chews away.  This may change as she gets older, they may become more helpful then.

Some of the more unique teethers that we have are the new Munchkin Massaging Teether, which vibrates when the baby bites down on it.  I think that it's great in theory, but you must have to bite down very hard on it, so Ivy can't actually get it to work.  If I squeeze it with my finger and put it in her mouth she does seem to like the massaging of her gums, so again this might be one that's better when she's a bit bigger and getting her next teeth.  There is also a Munchkin Stage 1 Teething Ring,  as well as the other stages of teething, the idea being that there needs to be different teethers to reach the different areas of the mouth.  We have also tried the Amber Teething bracelet, which is a tough one to judge, as it's meant to work long term. It is also quite difficult to keep on, and I worry that when it comes off she will put it in her mouth and choke on it, so we rarely put it on her.  We also have a Gummee Teether, which is a bit like a pacifier, but with a chewy teether end instead.  Ivy is not interested in this one at all and won't really even chew on it.

Then as a last resort we have the medicines, homeopathic and traditional.  We tried the Teetha granules and Teetha gel, which are meant to a more natural way of soothing the mouth and the baby's general discomfort.  I find both to be a nice distraction for Ivy, but she does not really like having the powder put in her mouth.  The gel works better for her, in a similar way to the Bonjela, and Anbesol to numb her gums and often calms her down quite quickly (as well as Calpol for when it's really bad!)

All of these different teething toys and accessories, and at the end of the day all Ivy really wants is a cuddle and to chew on her muslin cloth or her toy bunny.  I would love any other suggestions though, as the poor little girl really is struggling.

This post contains a few items that we were sent to review (from Teetha and Munchkin) but mostly items that we purchased ourselves.  It also contains affiliate links to amazon, should you like to try some of them out for your teething babies.

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