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Baker Ross Summer Crafts - Review


We were sent a variety of lovely crafts from Baker Ross to keep us busy over the summer, and they certainly have!  A few of the crafts we did at home on our own, and some we brought over to friends' houses for play date craftiness!  Their kits are so fabulous, many of them come with everything that you need to make simple but brilliant crafts (and others need very simple additions like scissors and glue) which make them easy to do when you don't have time to prepare complicated projects.

We made 3D Pirate Ships at home one day, Ethan was able to put these together mostly on his own, just peeling the sticky backs off the parts and assembling them.  I had to give him a little bit of help with the sails, but otherwise he did it all and was so proud that after just a few minutes of careful peeling and sticking he had produced these lovely boats!

We brought Football Mosaic Coasters and Turtle Scratch Art Decorations over to a friends' house for a play date one day.  There were 4 toddlers (and 4 babies crawling around) and the older ones were able to make these crafts really easily with little adult help.  The football mosaics were also made of foam with sticky backs, so the hardest part was peeling the backing paper off (but it is very good for their fine motor control) and then they had to match up the stickers to the shape outlines.  For the turtles all they had to do was take the special scratching tools and draw all around the turtles in any way they liked to make the rainbow colours beneath appear.  

Another day we made Butterfly Stained Glass Decorations at home, these were the only ones that required scissors and glue to make.  Ethan was able to easily press out all of the shapes from the butterflies, then put glue all around and place the coloured cellophane over top to make the designs, then glue the top butterfly and stick it on, then I just had to trim the sides to make a beautiful butterfly!

Baker Ross were kind enough to also send us some Foam Flower Stickers, which we've been sticking on lots of cards for friends, some Seaside Ducks which Ivy gets to play with in the bath and some Bug Window Crawlers which we've been playing with.

You are probably thinking that it's a bit late in the season to be making more summer crafts, but luckily Baker Ross already have their Autumn Crafts, Halloween Crafts and Christmas Crafts on their website and ready to order (but surely it's too early for Christmas, isn't it?)

* This is a review post, Baker Ross sent us these summer crafts to try out and to write an honest review. * 

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