2 1/2 years old

Shapes Treasure Basket for Baby and Toddler Play


Now that Ivy is more actively joining in with playtime, I find myself searching for ways that she and Ethan can play together. One thing that she has been loving to explore is any type of treasure basket.  I decided to have a go at making a treasure basket that they could play with together, by making it interesting and safe for Ivy with large smooth objects, while fun and educational for Ethan in learning about shapes.

Ivy loves to pick up all of the different items inside as well as holding onto the side of the basket  itself for extra sitting support! She was very intrigued by the shapes, picking them up one at a time, then putting it in her mouth for further examining.  We've also got a few blocks that have beads or bells inside, so they make a sound when shaken.  When she discovered this she was then shaking and rolling the different shapes around to hear the sounds they made as well.

Ethan knows all the names of the shapes, but does still mix them up sometimes, so it is something worth going over through play.  Even though we were using three dimensional shapes today I was still using the 2 dimensional shape names (saying square instead of cube) so as not to confuse him at this point.  I asked him to find certain shapes for me from the basket, to find a shape in a particular colour and to find shapes that fit in the outline.  He did quite well and enjoyed being able to play alongside his baby sister.

They did play together for a little while as well, Ethan would build little block towers for Ivy to then knock down!  It was actually very sweet, because he knew that she was going to knock them over, so he didn't get upset, he just thought that it was funny.  His goal was to try and put as many blocks on top of each other before Ivy could send them tumbling down, and they were both giggling away as they did!

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  1. Great idea!
    Thanks for sharing. I am a Music and Spanish teacher and I absolutely love the idea!
    I will use this concept with my students. I will blog about my experience and I will include your website as a reference for the idea!


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