2 1/2 years old

Making Anzac Biscuits for Nursery


You may remember that last month we made Portuguese Tarts for Nursery, well for July the country of the month at Ethan's nursery was Australia, so we decided to make some Anzac biscuits for the final day of their Australia topic.  I looked on Pinterest and found a nice simple recipe from Childhood 101 that we followed to make them.  It's nice and easy for Ethan to help with measuring and stirring together all of the dry ingredients, then to watch as the butter is melted, and to help to form the biscuits into circles and get them ready to bake.

Ethan really enjoys baking and was more than happy to make these biscuits.  He gets especially excited when he knows that he's going to take them into nursery to share with his friends.  He has also started sneakily snacking on the ingredients as we bake, which may be why he likes it so much!  I wondered at first if the children would like the coconut in them, but Ethan is definitely a fan, so hopefully they all enjoyed them as well!

The country of the month for August is France!  We're looking for suggestions, what should we bake for France day?  It needs to be easy enough to make with a toddler (and possibly a baby in my lap!)

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  1. These look wonderful! Anzac biscuits are so yummy, but then again I'm biased :D What about a clafoutis for France day either with blueberries or raspberries which can just be thrown in? The batter is just a case of mixing, pouring and then you bake it. I'd probably bake it in a rectangular dish and then cut it into squares for the kids.


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