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Snakes and Ladders Indoor Adventure Playground - Review


We took Ethan and Ivy to the newly renovated Snakes and Ladders Indoor Playground in Brentford the other day to play.  It was closed for a few months for a huge revamp, and is now bigger and better than ever!  There is a baby and toddler play area, a small world play area and the massive climbing area for children aged 3 and over.  Ethan was so amazed when we walked in the door, he didn't know where to start!

We walked over to the big climbing frame to have a look, told Ethan that he would have to take his shoes off, and zoom he was off!  He was all the way at the top (the third level) before we could even blink an eye (when did he get so brave?) He was running around and looking down at us, waving excitedly!  It had all of the elements that you would expect from a large soft play frame, climbing, sliding, tunnels, trampolines, a maze and ball play area.  

Ethan loved playing with the balls as well, there were different places that sucked the balls in and then showered them down on the children waiting below or blew them up in the air.  Ethan was amazed!  We spent ages in there putting balls into the different chutes,  and rolling around in the balls on the floor.

My favourite area was probably the imagination play zone.  There was a house, a bus, a shop, a post office, a hospital and a construction site.  Ethan desperately wanted to drive the bus, but as it was so busy and other children can be a bit pushy he didn't get a chance.  We'll have to go back another day when it's not quite so busy so that he can get a real go at everything.  

We did have a look at all of the other imagination play areas, Ethan had a quick play in each, but to be honest he was just so excited to run around that he went straight back to the climbing area to explore some more.  He could have stayed there all day, there are so many different things to do and he just loved it all.

We had to tear him away from it for a little while to have some lunch and a bit of a rest.  He was boiling hot from running around, we really should have thought to dress him in lighter clothes, it does get quite hot in there!  We got lunch from the cafe, which to be quite honest wasn't fantastic, but we weren't expected gourmet food from an indoor playground!  I did see other families bring in their own food, so that is an option as well.

Ivy also had her fun in the baby and toddler area, she loved sitting in the ball pit and rolling the balls around.  There were soft climbing apparatus for smaller children, a small climbing frame and little bikes to ride on.  Those were still a bit advanced for Ivy, but she did get to try her first swing while we were there as well, she had the biggest smile on her face swinging back and forth!  It's a nice little area for the smaller children, and I liked that the staff really made the effort to keep the older children out of this area to make it safer for babies and toddlers to play.

* This is a review post, we were invited to visit Snakes and Ladders and provided with a family ticket in order to try out the new equipment and write an honest review. *

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  1. Looks a fun day out. One day I want an indoor play barn like this for Coombe Mill

  2. Oh wow! That looks like a really fun place.

  3. This looks like so much fun! I love the imaginative play areas, and the ball chutes are always a hit! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  4. We went there the weekend after it opened. My kids really enjoyed it! #triedtested


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