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Back to School - A is for Apple Card for the Teacher


It's almost time to go back to school!  As someone who spent my whole life in school, either as a student or a teacher, these past couple of years as a stay at home Mum have left me feeling like I was missing something at the beginning of September each year.  Well, now that Ethan's in nursery, (even though he goes throughout the summer), I feel like I can properly embrace 'back to school' season again! 

Something that I've been seeing crop up on Pinterest and Facebook is the idea of teacher gifts at the start of a school year, and I think that it can be a really fun way of getting your little ones excited for school and showing your appreciation for the teacher whom you know has been preparing all summer for the children to have an easy transition from summer to school days. So we've made a little card for Ethan's teacher, just to show her how much we appreciate all that she does for us.  I love the apple theme for 'back to school' so we did some colourful apple printing along with the letter 'a' as we're starting to learn about initial sounds in words.

Ethan loved that we were using a real apple to paint on the card!  We simply cut an apple in half, put out some red and green paint and stamped away on the card.  As it was going so well, I also got out the big roll of paper and we made some wrapping paper too, this we can use to wrap up a special little gift to go along with the card.

I had a look on Pinterest for some ideas of start of the year teacher gifts, and found loads that I really love, basically really simple things with a cute little note to go along with them.  So we'll decide between giving cookies or cupcakes (that we decorate to look like school supplies), antibacterial hand gel, hand cream, chocolate or a coffee voucher in a reusable cup.

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