2 1/2 years old

Letter Driving


As we continue to learn to recognise letters and their sounds, we had a little bit of fun with cars and driving. Ethan loves anything to do with vehicles, so our two activities were perfect to keep him interested while we do some mark making and identifying letters. 

For mark making I simply attached a crayon to a car using two elastic bands. Then when Ethan drove the car around the paper, he left a trail behind it.  Today we were just having fun and experimenting, but this could be extended to tracing over letters and eventually writing letters independently. 

The second activity was actually just a home made version of these letter roads that we had at nursery as one of our literacy resources. Of course it doesn't look as neat, but I was able to quickly cut off a large piece of paper from our paper roll and write Ethan's name in bubble letters, with lines down the centre to look like roads. I have also added red dots as starting points since taking the photos, to show a Ethan where to begin writing / driving.   He loved driving his cars along the letters of his name, and was saying each letter as he drove around it.

Learning Through Play

Communication Language and Literacy
  • letter recognition
  • mark making - pre writing skills
Physical Development
  • fine motor skills
  • hand eye coordination

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