6 months old

Happy Half Birthday Ivy


Today Ivy is six months old! I can hardly believe it and don't know where the time has gone. Six months is quite a significant milestone for a baby, so of course we are celebrating today!

At six months Ivy gets to start having solid foods. I will talk more about the weaning process in future posts, but I'm sure that Ivy will love her first taste of banana today. She is also old enough to be moved from the crib to the cot (which we actually did a couple of weeks ago because she is quite tall) and to be moved from the carrycot to the seat in her pram. They say that from six months babies can sleep in their own rooms, so I can now put Ivy to bed upstairs at the same time as Ethan, and we're attempting to get her to nap in her bed during the day as well (this is not working so far!)

We have got lots of toys at home already, but Ivy can now play with some of the bigger toys that work better for babies who can sit up. We also got her a little something as a half birthday present, a My Puppy Pal Violet toy.  It's cute and can be programmed to say her name as well as sing songs. We got Ethan the Scout one when he was about this age, and he still loves it! We also read the only story I could find about this significant milestone when Ethan reached it, called Oscar's Half Birthday, which Ethan enjoyed 'reading' to Ivy as well.  Happy Half Birthday Ivy, please stop growing so quickly.

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