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Play With Your Food - Preparing Food for Ivy - Beaba Babycook Review


We started giving Ivy solid foods a few weeks ago, and it's going quite well so far.  She's happily eating a combination of puréed foods and finger foods that we prepare for her at home.  We've been using the Beaba Babycook Solo 4 in 1 Babyfood Maker to steam fruit and vegetables and then we purée some of them (the others we leave in sticks for Ivy to hold and feed herself).

Ethan loves helping to prepare Ivy's food for her.  He sits with me to chop up the fruit and vegetables and put them into the basket of the Beaba, then he watches as the steamer works to make the food for Ivy. (He did give me a fright one day, he saw all of the steam coming out and came running over to me shouting 'fire, fire, it's an emergency!!!'  This lead to a lesson in the difference between steam and smoke, ha ha!)

The Beaba is really easy to use, we just prepare the food and put it in the steaming basket, then put the desired amount of water into the machine, press the button and let it do it's magic.  It turns itself off when it's finished, which works great for me as I get easily distracted by the two little ones (and burnt the bottom of a pot on the stove already when the water boiled dry) so this is much safer for us.  Once the vegetables are steamed we take them out of the basket and put them directly into the jug (keeping a few out for Ivy to eat whole), put the lid on and set the Beaba to puree the vegetables.  Then voila, ready to eat!

Ivy really is doing well with her meals, she loves squishing the steamed vegetables in her hands and attempts to eat them all by herself.  It is taking a while for her to get the hang of eating, so she is only having very small quantities now, but we've been making big batches in the Babycook and freezing them in small pots to keep us going over the next few weeks.  There are a lot more fruit and vegetable combinations that we'll be creating for Ivy with this handy little machine.  I highly recommend it, it has made preparing food for Ivy a whole lot easier.

* This is a review post and also contains an affiliate link, we were sent the Beaba Babycook to use and write an honest review. *

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