2 1/2 years old

Stickers in the Post


A few monthss ago Ethan was sent his very first chain letter.  It didn't come as a surprise, as the lovely Mummy who sent it to us was kind enough to ask us first if we wanted to participate (which is more than I can say for myself, as the other Mums who I've roped into doing it had no choice, sorry!)  It is a fun chain letter though, so we were more than happy to take part.  Basically all we had to do was send some stickers on to the child listed on the letter (a friend of my friend) then send the letter (and some stickers) on to six of our friends, who would then have to send stickers to the friend who sent the letter to me.  The idea is that your little one then ends up with 36 sets of stickers arriving in the post!

We had fun getting everything ready together, for us it was all about the preparation!  Of course I hoped that Ethan would receive some stickers back, as he does love getting post (he was very excited to get that original letter!) but I certainly didn't expect to get 36 more letters!  So to prepare we went together to the shops to buy some stickers. He chose a specific set for each of his friends that he thought that they would like.  Then we came home and made copies of the letters and filled in our name and address.  After that I addressed the envelopes and Ethan decorated them with some other stickers, making them look lovely for his friends.  We put the stamps on together, and walked to the post box to post them.  Ethan really loved the whole process, and it was so nice to see him being so thoughtful and generous with the stickers that he sent his friends.

Well, it has been a couple of months, and I am sad to report that Ethan has not yet received any stickers back...I guess chain letters really don't work!  Oh well, we had fun sending them anyway (and I'm still optimistic that he might get some one day, and I'd still do it again!)

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