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Step-n-Play Jumperoo - Review


We have been sent a Step-n-Play Jumperoo from Fisher Price for Ivy to play in and review.  It is recommended to be used by babies that can confidently hold their heads up (which she can) and for only 20 minutes at a time.  Because Ivy is a bit young and just getting used to it, I only put her in it for about 5 minutes at a time.  It's great for her Physical Development as it will help her to gain strength in her neck and upper body as well as her legs with all that bouncing around.

Ivy has loved being put in the Jumperoo from the very first time that we tried.  She's reaching that age where she's very curious about what's going on around her, so she sometimes just likes to sit in there and look around.  Then she discovered all the toys to play with, and the music and jungle sounds that she can listen to!  I like that the toys are at different levels, so there are a few that she can reach now and some that she can just look at, which will encourage her and challenge her to try to reach them as she gets bigger.

The seat can turn all the way around, which an older baby should be able to do themselves just by moving their feet around (but as Ivy's feet just touch the ground she can't do this yet!) The height of the Jumperoo can be changed as baby grows taller, and the frame can be adjusted for baby to take a few steps.  This is the new feature that the previous models of Jumperoo didn't have.  It's not a traditional walker and Ivy won't be able to walk all around the room in the Jumperoo (which is fine with me as we definitely don't have the space for that!) but when the frame is expanded Ivy will be able to move the whole seat and toys along with her as she steps forward and backwards within the frame.  (I'll update you in a few months time to let you know how she's getting on with it).

For now we are really loving the Jumperoo, it gives Ivy a little while each day to do something different.  She now has somewhere to play in an upright position (which is also good for her reflux) and she's enjoying bouncing around and playing with the toys.  I would definitely recommend the Step-n-Play Jumperoo, it sells for £90 on Amazon, which I think is quite good value for an item that you will use for several months.  

Learning Through Play
Physical Development
  • strength building - neck and legs
  • gross motor development
Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • exploring on a different level

* This is a review post, Fisher Price sent us the Step-n-Play Jumperoo to try out and write an honest review about, it also contains an affiliate link, for more about my review process please click here *

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