6 months old

Simple Baby Sensory Bin


Now that Ivy is six months old, sitting up confidently and eating solid foods, I feel more comfortable to give her a sensory bin to play with that has an edible component as a base.  Of course I'm not encouraging her to eat it, but this way I wouldn't worry as much if she was too quick for me to stop her putting it into her mouth.  I also prefer an edible base like cereal for babies (rather than raw rice or pasta) for that same reason.  Ethan's first sensory bins had oats or rice crispy cereal as a base, but with this one for Ivy I used some number cereal.

I started off simply by putting a few scoops in and letting Ivy explore the bin without too many different tools to complicate things.  She was mostly happy just picking up the individual pieces of cereal between her fingers and grabbing handfuls then throwing them around.  She liked playing with the scoops, those did go straight to her mouth!  And she was fascinated watching as I scooped up the cereal with them and poured it back into the bin.  Her favourite thing to do was to grab hold of the sides of the bin and shake it around to hear the sound of the cereal moving around the bin, she did that happily for ages!  I can't wait for all of the other fun sensory bins that we'll play with together.

It was so easy to set up for her and great for her fine motor development as well as her curiosity and discovery skills.
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