2 1/2 years old

Making Ice Lollies


Ethan and I have made ice lollies together a few times, so when we were given the task by Sykes Cottages to create our own delicious and healthy summertime treats, we jumped at the chance!  They also provided us with all of the supplies that we would need, including a book for inspiration, an ice lolly mould and a variety of yummy ingredients.

We couldn't decide on one type of ice lollies, so we made two different varieties!  Our first batch were Strawberry Purée and Apple Juice Ice Lollies.  We took some fresh strawberries and mashed them up, we have a bowl and masher for making baby food for Ivy that was perfect for the job.  Ethan really enjoyed being able to crush the strawberries himself and spoon the mixture into the ice lolly mould.  We then poured the apple juice in together and put the lolly sticks in.

Next we made some Blueberry and Vanilla Yoghurt Ice Lollies, another two of Ethan's favourite ingredients.  This one was quite simple as Ethan just had to put a few berries into each lolly compartment (and sample a few himself!) then spoon the yoghurt in on top (which he also insisted on having a bowl of for himself afterwards!) 

Our finished lollies turned out really well, and I love that Ethan gets so excited to eat something that he has made himself.  I also love how healthy these are, and that they're still a great treat for Ethan on a hot day!

* This post in an entry to an ice lolly competition hosted by Sykes Cottages, who also provided us with all of the supplies that you see here *

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